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From the Managing Editor’s desk
'Xplore', the Staff Research Journal of St Xavier's College (Autonomous), Mumbai, was conceived with the mandate to EXPLORE unchartered academic waters in order to EXPLAIN the inexplicable issues so as to EXPLODE stereotypes and prejudices. The hallmark of 'Xplore', since its inception, has been to challenge sagacious individuals to EXPOSE and EXPLOIT the inherent fluid and flux nature of erudition by:
• Diving deep into the reservoirs of accumulated knowledge and challenging the existing assumptions, inferences and conclusions;
• Rowing further and further into the choppy seas of knowledge with the sole purpose of converting knowledge into wisdom; and,
• Sailing cogently into confluences of varied disciplines for creating novel synthesis and new paradigms.
The College is grateful to the Writers of Xplore 2017 for not just their contributions but for displaying the tenacious academic fervor and spirit articulated above in their writings. I also thank the team of peer reviewers for making this edition possible and credible. The academic girth of Xplore 2017 encompasses deliberations on Ecology, Education, Governance, Insurance, Migration as well as the Politics-Arts connect. Kudos to these Writers as their exemplifications, interpretations and critiques are compatible with contemporary scholastic trends across the globe.
The arduous efforts of Dr. Aditi Sawant,who relentlessly pursued this set of Writers to compile Xplore 2017 and the painstaking efforts of Dr. Pearl Pastakia, who meticulously looked into the linguistic aspects of each article, deserve to be acknowledged, appreciated and applauded. It can be confidently stated thatXplore2017 reiterates the notion that continuous engagement with knowledge is sacrosanct.

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